Knoxville Chapter

The Knoxville Chapter participates in several chapter-wide events each year to celebrate families, embrace our culture, and support National Jack and Jill initiatives.

Jack and Jill Day

Every September, our Chapter ‘kicks off’ the program year with a family outing. The celebration of Jack and Jill Day began in 1948 under the direction of Dorothy Wright our first National President; the concept was that this day would be our family round-up time. This event allows members to reconnect after the summer break and get the program year off to a great start.

Carole Robertson Commemorative

Carole Robertson Day is in memory of Carole who was a member of the teen group in the Birmingham, AL chapter. She was killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing on September 15, 1963. She was 14 years of age at her death and she was at the church preparing to march for civil rights with other youth that day. Her mother was the regional director for the Southeastern region.

Kwanzaa/Christmas Dinner Celebration

Our annual Chapter celebration of the holiday season held every December.

Founder’s Day

Our annual Chapter observance of Founder’s Day held every January.

National Black Family Day/Father’s Appreciation Day

Our annual Chapter observances of National Black Family Day and Father’s Appreciation Day held every spring.